The desk4desk project is very simple.

– We make a desk @
– You buy a desk.
– A portion of each desk sold goes to purchasing a school desk that is manufactured in Malawi.
– Those desks are then delivered to schools.
– Kids have a place to sit while learning.


Our friend Dave Eppersion and his staff are a Malawian initiative working in partnership with communities that are stepping out to reclaim a better life and future living, learning, organizing, and educating, to inspire a sustainable culture.

You can see what Dave has been up to in our blog and his facebook page!
Dave @ Facebook

elpis&wood furniture

elpis&wood as a “reclaimed” furniture company take material such as a hazardous tree, that might otherwise be turned into firewood or pulp and through a patient and labor intensive process we procure slabs of beautiful wood ready to become fine original timeless furniture.

This is where our hearts merged with Dave’s vision of reclamation for the communities and culture of Malawi.  Now, for us the reality doesn’t stop by just transforming wood but even in small ways, transforming the world around us.  That is what makes what we do exciting and rewarding, we see doing great creative work as an opportunity to be generous creatively.